1841 2017 Polish Film Festival

Every year Polish filmmakers amaze audience with outstanding, beautifully shot and thought provoking films.

Polish Film Festival in Perth is proud to present for the third time a celebration of exciting Polish cinema in Western Australia and the most comprehensive line up of films to date.

From MARIE CURIE, an inspirational biopic of one of the greatest scientists of all time that will open the 2017 Festival to SPOOR, the Silver Bear winning wintery thriller by the renowned three-time Oscar nominated director Agnieszka Holland, this year's event has something for everyone.

Highlights of 2017 program also include the critically acclaimed debut THE LAST FAMILY, with an endless list of awards received at major national and international film festivals, and AFTERIMAGE, the last film of the late Andrzej Wajda, a master of world cinema, recipient of an Honorary Oscar, the Palme d'Or, as well as Honorary Golden Lion and Golden Bear, who defined Poland as the centre of art-house cinema in Central Europe.

Each film will screen only once, so don’t miss your chance and book your tickets early!

Cinema Paradiso

PFF17 - Anatomy of Evil 120 mins

2217 PFF17 - Anatomy of Evil

A 65-year old hitman on parole is offered a job he can’t refuse. In return for a clean record and a chance to leave the country with a new identity, he has to kill the head of the Central Bureau of Investigation. 

When he starts training for the job he realises his eye is not ... More

Cinema Paradiso: Sat 27 May

PFF17 - Strange Heaven 107 mins

2218 PFF17 - Strange Heaven

A touching story based on true events that explores how a misunderstanding can lead to dramatic outcomes and state imposed separation of a child from its loving parents.

Polish immigrants, Basia and Marek move to Sweden with their nine-year-old daughter Ula. When a Swedish social worker ... More

Screening: Sun 28 May
Cinema Paradiso: Sun 28 May

PFF17 - Warsaw by Night 104 mins

2219 PFF17 - Warsaw by Night



The fate of four women is intertwined in a nightclub, Warsaw by Night. Each of them travels with the same taxi driver during an unusual night of unexpected events and ... More

Screening: Thu 1 Jun
Cinema Paradiso: Thu 1 Jun

PFF17 - The Last Family 123 mins

2220 PFF17 - The Last Family


An unconventional film about an equally unconventional artist, Polish surrealist painter Zdzisław Beksiński. 

Based on a bizarre true story, THE LAST FAMILY is like no other biopic. ... More

Screening: Sun 4 Jun
Cinema Paradiso: Sun 4 Jun

PFF17 - Tips for Cheating 100 mins

2221 PFF17 - Tips for Cheating


Kalina, a hopeless romantic, learns about her fiancé's infidelity on her wedding day. Her best friend, photographer and vegan dish caterer Fretka, is betrayed by her partner around ... More

Screening: Mon 5 Jun
Cinema Paradiso: Mon 5 Jun

PFF17 - Spoor 127 mins

2222 PFF17 - Spoor

The 2017 Berlinale Silver Bear-winning wintery thriller by the renowned three-time Oscar nominated director, Agnieszka Holland. The script is based on the novelvery well known in Poland as well as in many other countries “Drive Your Plough ... More

Screening: Fri 9 Jun
Cinema Paradiso: Fri 9 Jun

PFF17 - Chemo 105 mins

2223 PFF17 - Chemo


A smart, modern drama inspired by true events and the director's own marriage. Set in contemporary Warsaw, it is a moving tale about the search for identity, love, quick maturing and the battle against a fatal illness that is nearly impossible to ... More

Screening: Sun 11 Jun
Cinema Paradiso: Sun 11 Jun

PFF17 - Afterimage 98 mins

2224 PFF17 - Afterimage

AFTERIMAGE is a multilayered film on a role of art and freedom of expression; a film about an artist destroyed by the system and a film on how dangerous it is to fuse political power with a will to shape people’s consciousness. Screened in the Masters section of the More

Screening: Thu 15 Jun
Cinema Paradiso: Thu 15 Jun