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Saturday, 30 January
Join us on Saturday, January 30, 4 pm at Luna Leederville for a post-screening Q&A via Zoom with the director, Sally Ingleton, former Greens Party leader, Bob Brown and 'tree-sitting' GP, Dr Lisa Searle in a panel discussion about the environmental issues highlighted in Wild Things. Hosted by Documentary filmmaker Cathy Henkel, who will be at the cinema.

The film spends a year on the frontline with environmental activists hell-bent on saving their futures from the ravages of climate change.

Armed only with mobile phones, this growing army of eco-warriors is mobilising against forces more powerful than themselves and saying, enough.  From chaining themselves to coal trains, sitting high in the canopy of threatened rainforest or locking onto bulldozers, their non-violent tactics are designed to generate mass action with one finger tap.

Against a backdrop of drought, fire and floods; we witness how today’s environmentalists are making a difference. Surprisingly the methods of old still have currency when a groundswell of school kids inspired by the actions of 16-year old Swedish student Greta Thunberg say, ‘change is coming’ and call a national strike demanding action against global warming.

"...Faced with the prospect of climate catastrophe and ecological collapse, Action is always the Antidote to Despair. This film shows how everyday people are stepping up to defend their community, their land, and the planet'. Cam Walker, Friends of The Earth, Australia

"Impassioned, charged and genuinely striking, Wild Things offers an invigorating insight into the significance of activism and an affectionate glimpse at generations past and future fighting for our environment."  - Luke Forsyth, Environmental Film Australia

"Exploring a year of environmental activism in Australia, this timely documentary inspiringly shows a new generation determined to bring about change at a moment of great crises. It also gives hope for the cause of change as it records the successes of the previous generation in stopping environmental destruction." - Gail Kovatseff, Adelaide Film Festival

"A powerful film...inspiring & moving'" -  St Mary Mackillop College Student

Director /Producer: Sally Ingleton is the Producer and Director of WILD THINGS and the founding director of 360 Degree Films. Sally is one of Australia’s most well-known documentary filmmakers. Her award-winning work has specialised in telling stories about the environment and nature.        

Dr BOB BROWN is the former parliamentary leader of the Australian Greens and a former medical doctor.  An acclaimed author, photographer and lifelong activist, Bob Brown rose to prominence when he led the campaign to save the Franklin River in the 1980s. Today Bob continues his work as an environmentalist with The Bob Brown Foundation.

Dr Lisa Searle is a featured Environmental Activist in WILD THINGS. Full-time Humanitarian/ Environmental Activist, Doctor for Doctors Without Borders (Medicins Sans Frontieres) and Vegan Cook Book Author.

Moderator: Dr Cathy Henkel is the founding director of Virgo Productions and an award-winning documentary producer/director and writer. Cathy is also the Director of the WA Screen Academy at Edith Cowan University.


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