AFFF Highlight - Standing Tall 119 mins

2181 AFFF Highlight - Standing Tall

This opening night film of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival is an absorbing insight into the French juvenile justice system which pairs an electrifying performance from new comer Rod Paradot with the assured style and weight of veterans Catherine Deneuve and Benoît Magimel.

An explosive firecracker of frustration and rage, Malony (Paradot) has been raised in a tumultuous love-hate relationship with his single mother (Sara Forestier), who is incapable of setting a good example, and often encourages his behaviour. From the ripe young age of 7 years old, he displays the abnormally rebellious conduct that sees him thrust into the hands of various authorities including the stern yet caring juvenile judge Catherine Deneuve and the brooding, blue-eyed counsellor Yann (Magimel) who embark with steely resolve on the seemingly impossible task of trying to correct the deeply ingrained anger reflected in every fibre of Malony's being.

Actress-director Emmanuelle Bercot’s film is powerful, compassionate and well played by amazing actors. It is a strong redemption drama, leaving us with a moving and hopeful message.

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