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  • The Coming War on China
  • The Coming War on China

“The aim of this film is to break a silence: the United States and China may be on the road to war, and nuclear war is no longer unthinkable” – John Pilger

In THE COMING WAR ON CHINA, Pilger reveals what the news doesn't - that the world's greatest military power, the United States, and the world's second economic power, China, both nuclear-armed, are on the road to war.

Pilger’s 60th film and first since 2013’s Utopia is his most urgent work to date and is both a warning and an inspiring story of resistance and more timely than ever.

THE COMING WAR ON CHINA, filmed over two years across five potential flashpoints in Asia and the Pacific, reveals the build-up to war on more than 400 US military bases that encircle China in a ‘perfect noose’.

Using rare archive and remarkable interviews with witnesses, Pilger’s film discloses America’s secret history in the region – the destruction wrought by the equivalent of one Hiroshima every day for 12 years, and the top secret ‘Project 4.1’ that made guinea pigs of the population of the Marshall Islands.

In key interviews from Pentagon war planners to members of China’s confident new political class - who rarely feature in Western reports, Pilger’s film challenges the notion and propaganda of China as a new ‘enemy’.

Pilger says: “The aim of this film is to break a silence. A new cold war is under way along with the drumbeat to war, this time with the real possibility of nuclear weapons. ‘The Coming War’ is also a film about the human spirit and the rise of an extraordinary resistance in faraway places.

“On the island of Okinawa, home to 32 US bases, the population is challenging the greatest military power in the world. On the Korean island of Jeju, villagers block the entrance to a new nuclear naval base, with its missiles aimed at China.”

An ode to a people power ignored by the news, THE COMING WAR ON CHINA is partly funded by one of the most successful crowd funding appeals for a British documentary.

 What the critics are saying:

Trump's senior people see war with China as inevitable. Read the article here

"A film that will change hearts and minds." THE UPCOMING

"Shocking, terrifying, disturbing" ENTERTAINMENT FOCUS

"The kind of stark warning we need" CINEVUE

"A gripping film ... a strong corrective to our bland and complacent indifference"
Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian
"Essential viewing".
The Radio Times
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