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For those who missed this jaw-dropping debut at PIAF, now is your chance to see this extraordinary period drama like none you've ever seen before..."a deeply modern thriller borne from the 19th century, one whose traces of Hitchcock, Hardy and Haneke never obscure its huge originality.– Financial Times

The feature debut  from acclaimed theatre director William Oldroyd, Lady Macbeth is a Gothic tale of a young woman trapped in a marriage of convenience in 19th century England, whose  passionate  affair  unleashes  a  maelstrom of murder  and mayhem on a country estate. Teenage bride Katherine (breakout talent  Florence Pugh) is quite literally a commodity to the men in her life. Sold by her father into a marriage along with a plot of  land , her  brusque new husband  and father-in-law forbid her  from leaving the house, yet  with little  left to do that isn't  already taken care of  by the servants, Kathereine simmers with  growing frustration and rage. But when she encounters handsome groom Sebastian (Cosmo Jarvis), she  feel the first pangs of passion, and she will stop at nothing, no matter how cold-blooded, no matter how violent, to preserve her happiness. An electrifying story of love , passion, and betrayal, Lady Macbeth charts  a  young  woman's  struggle to assert herself in an unfeeling world, and the chaos  that ultimately  springs  from  her will  leave you  gasping. "Imagine Alfred Hitchcock directing Wuthering heights." IndieWire

★★★★★ ‘’Mesmerising” – The Telegraph | ★★★★★ ‘’Lethally charismatic” – The Guardian

★★★★ –  The Independent | ★★★★ – A heady cocktail of lust, intrigue and murder
★★★★  Florence Pugh electrifies The  Observer  | ★★★★ – Empire
★★★★ – Financial Times  | ★★★★ – Marie Claire  | ★★★★ – Attitude

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