RFF17 - ATTRACTION 125 mins


According to the latest reports, the unidentified flying object shot down over Moscow is allegedly of extra-terrestrial origin. Amajor suburban area is cordoned off as police and military defencesscramble to attend the crash site. The government immediately introduce martial law as officials discuss the emergency evacuation of the locals as they grow increasingly angry at the unwelcome guests.

This is the first Russian film about invaders from outer space landing in Moscow and it is the first time they have been filmed for the big screen. The visual effects are original and stunning. Attraction is a big-budget Russian sci-fi action-thriller from the makers of the blockbuster Stalingrad

It has been described as the Russian Independence Day, but the director drew inspiration from Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight, but imbued with a good old moral tale. The combination of action, humour, stunning special effects as well as the romantic story of Yulya, the teen daughter of a Moscow military chief, who bonds with a remarkably hunky alien struck a chord with Russian audiences.

Director Bondarchuk explains that the film is about “humanity and tolerance” and about how we see the ‘other’,it is a story about immigrants but with amazing visual effects that have appealed to contemporary audiences worldwide.

Screening Sat 28 Oct at:

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Saturday, 28 October
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