POLFF: SQUADRON 303 115 mins


The year 2018 marks an important event in Polish history - the centenary of Poland regaining its independence after 123 years of foreign rule. Numerous events and celebrations marking the occasion are being held around the world. POLISH FILM FESTIVAL IN PERTH celebrates 100 Years of Poland’s Regained Independence with a special screening of soon to be released in Poland SQUADRON 303. The film tells the thrilling story of the celebrated Polish 303 "Kościuszko" Squadron and their heroic fight for a free Europe alongside RAF pilots in the Battle of Britain.

They were the highest-scoring Allied fighter pilots squadron in the Battle of Britain, downing three times the average Royal Air Force score while incurring only one-third the average casualties.
It's 1940, the darkest days of World War II. After the German invasion, Poland is under German and Soviet occupation. France has also fallen, bringing 30,000 Polish military personnel across the Channel, including about 8,500 pilots. A group of Polish exile pilots get through Romania and France to Great Britain, where they make up the 303 "Kościuszko" Fighter Squadron - a squadron that will contribute to RAF's victory in the Battle of Britain.

The Polish-British co-production is based on the non-fiction book by Arkady Fiedler, a writer and journalist who chronicled the extraordinary achievements of 303 Squadron after he saw all the attention that the Polish pilots were getting from the British press.  He began writing his book during the Battle of Britain, spending time with the Polish pilots at their base at RAF Northolt in West London. The book was secretly transported to occupied Poland where the account of the successes of Polish fighter pilots fighting for freedom far from home boosted morale in the harassed country.. (Language:  Polish with English subtitles)

 SQUADRON 303, THURSDAY, 25 OCT @ 6:30pm

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Thursday, 25 October