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The superstar of Russian cinema, Danila Kozlovsky stars and debuts as the director of this dynamic new sports drama. Released in the lead up to the World Cup, the film captures the emotion and the spirit of the world of Russian football through the travails of a provincial club struggling for purpose while its new coach fights for redemption. Yuri is the star striker on the national team with the football world at his feet, but when he makes a series of major mistakes during a high-pressure game his career seems to be destroyed. He is given a lifeline to coach Meteor, a struggling provincial team in a town more interested in hooliganism and real estate deals than football. The adjustment to living in a small town proves difficult for the flashy Yuri as he struggles to turn his new team around. He is forced to dig deep and instil belief in his team to aim for victory, but most importantly he needs to believe in himself and trust the people around him who are genuinely passionate about football. An inspirational and heart-warming sports drama that shows the power of love in shaping a fallen star’s redemption and the vital role that coaches play in turning around the fortunes of a struggling community by bringing everyone together into supporting a shared goal. 

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