RRFF18 Witnesses 104 mins

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Witnesses is a simple, yet powerful moving trilogy, depicting the horrors of the Holocaust.  Each story in the film provides an unusual, yet harrowing perspective on the tragic events during World War II, told from the perspective of three uncanny witnesses.  Shoes, the shortest of the stories, does not have a single line of dialogue or even a face featured in it.  All we see is a pair of red shoes which beautifully depict first love, then marriage, the start of family life and the onset of the tragic war.  Brutus, is a story about a German Shepherd dog separated from his beloved mistress and turned into a guard dog at a concentration camp. The final story, Violin, opens at the beginning of the 20th Century in a violin shop, where the instrument was created as a present for a Jewish boy. The violin becomes witness to the tragic events that followed during the Holocaust.  

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Tuesday, 20 November