SCAN19: That Time of Year (Den tid på året) 101 mins

3135 SCAN19: That Time of Year

One of the most cherished holidays of the year can also be the most disastrous, proven by Danish director Paprika Steen as she illuminates some identifiable Christmas Day family catastrophes with hilarious results in That Time of Year.

This year, Christmas will be hosted by wife and husband Katrine and Mads. On Christmas Eve, the entire extended family descends on their suburban home, including the divorced parents, the youngest sister and her new husband and the teenage daughter of the family, who is struggling to get her mother's attention. As a wholesome, traditional gathering devolves into drunken fights and inappropriate revelations, an explosion lurks, waiting to pierce the illusion of holiday peace that we so deeply insist on.

Steen also stars with her cast of formidable talents in this charming dramedy, which was written by leading Danish playwright Jakob Weis and premiered in the Contemporary World Cinema of the 2018 Toronto Film Festival. The zesty script and fun performances are complimented with a cute soundtrack to make this film the perfect way to celebrate your Christmas in July!
Danish with English subtitles

Increasingly hysterical set-up is founded on believable character dynamics, particularly the buttons that only families can push.” – SCREEN DAILY

OFFICIAL SELECTION: London Film Festival, 2018

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Contemporary World Cinema section, Toronto International Film Festival, 2018

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