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"Trash Classics revives the spirit of the VHS rental onto the big screen with a cult movie favourite each month. Whether you are a raging fan or a curious newbie, these titles range from 'so bad it's good' to 'how did this get made?', providing over-the-top entertainment and a wild night at the flicks. Hosted by Tristan Fidler (from RTRFM's Movie Squad and The Room screenings)." 

Several words from our host: Tristan Fidler 

"Trash Classics started with the concept of introducing audiences to other movies like the smash hit bad movie classic, The Room. In 2019, we held screenings of other "so bad it's good" favourites like Troll 2 and Miami Connection. With this year's line-up, it's more about returning to the golden age of the video store and bringing favourite cult movies to the big screen, the type you'd rent again and again. Celebrating the movies that are not critically acclaimed arthouse fare nor the usual titles you see brought out every year for 'retro' cinema seasons. 

There's already been positive feedback to the announced titles and I know there are die-hard fans out there; this would be a great way to see it with friends and alongside people who might not know the songs to Grease 2 off by heart (like 'Reproduction') or have memorised all of Arnie's quips as John Matrix ("I eat Green Berets for breakfast and right now, I'm very hungry!") or understand that LL Cool J made a closing credits rap song from the perspective of a genetically engineered shark ("Killer for centuries/the Gotti of the deep"). 

Also, I just want to clarify when we say "Trash", that comes from a place of love - these are great movies! And some of my all time favourites! This is more about honouring the fact that when it comes to cinema, what one person sees as trash is another person's treasure. 

I can't wait for the new Trash Classics season to begin and what better way to start than Patrick Swayze kicking butt and cleaning house as Dalton, the ultimate barrom bouncer with a degree in Philosophy, in the five bags of popcorn flick, Road House. Get those mullets gelled and double your denims, because it's going to be a wild night on the big screen at Luna Palace Cinemas!" 

Friday 30 July:   FEMALE TROUBLE
Friday 27 Aug:   OVER THE TOP
Friday 24 Sep:   GREASE 2
Friday 29 Oct:    DEEP BLUE SEA  (Halloween Special!)
Friday 26 Nov:   COMMANDO

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