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POLISH FILM FESTIVAL returns to Luna Leederville with its 7th edition opening on Wednesday 29 September. Featuring a strong line-up of award-winning and critically acclaimed movies, the festival will bring a hand-picked selection of the best Polish films of 2020 alongside some newest releases from renowned and emerging Polish filmmakers.

Some of the highlights include: 
Opening Night Film: I NEVER CRY (Jak najdalej stąd) a multi-award winning Polish-Irish production will see Piotr Domalewski, the director of the 2018 sensation Silent Night (PFFP opening night 2018) return with another unforgettable comedy-drama. Set in Dublin, his second feature film is a testimony to the director's aptitude and artistic sensitivity as well as a great eye for young talent, starring the outstanding Zofia Stafiej in the lead role of a rebellious teenager unexpectedly presented with a quick adulting lesson.

An equally impressive performance comes from Alec Utgoff (The Tourist), in NEVER GONNA SNOW AGAIN (Śniegu już nigdy nie będzie), as a mysterious Russian-speaking masseur from the East entering the lives of rich residents of a gated community. Poland’s Oscar Candidate from acclaimed writer/director Małgorzata Szumowska and her long-time cinematographer Michał Englert, the film first premiered in competition at the Venice Film Festival, winning Premio Fondazione Fai Persona Lavoro Ambiente Award and later screened around the world at major film festivals.

Another highlight of the festival is the German-Polish co-production ADVENTURES OF MATHEMATICIAN (Geniusze), telling the unknown true story of a Polish-born mathematician who moved to the US in the 1930s and joined the mysterious Manhattan Project helping create the hydrogen bomb and later the first computer. ¬Based on the autobiography by Stan Ulam, it’s an emotional journey through the times when science lost its innocence and shaped the world we live in today.

The full program will be live at polishfilmfestival.org by 10 September 2021. 

Prices are as follows:
Adult: $21* | Conc $18*  | Opening Night $38*

(*Please note a $1.50 surcharge applies per ticket when purchasing online)

 All films screen with English subtitles and only once! 

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