GER21: ENFANT TERRIBLE (Enfant terrible) 134 mins


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Friday, 18 June


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Wednesday, 16 June

In 1967, when 22-year-old Rainer Werner Fassbinder stormed the stage of the ‘Antitheater’ in Munich and seized the theatre production, no one suspected that this brazen nobody would become one of the most important post-war German filmmakers.

During his self-destructive life, he frantically created film after film, making over 40 feature length films before his death, aged just 37. While Fassbinder radically pursued his creative vision and views of society and people, he polarised professionally and privately. Despite early setbacks, many of his films broke-through at the most renowned film festivals and were hailed and hated by audiences, critics and fellow filmmakers.

Documenting key moments and relationships in Fassbinder’s life from his theatre beginnings through to the production of his final film, Enfant Terrible is a heady evocation of an artist fuelled by addiction, whose undeniable genius was matched only by his cruelty to those around him.

With this riveting and stylised biopic, director Oskar Roehler, he himself an enfant terrible of German Cinema, paints an uncompromising portrait of the troubled (and troubling) man behind the camera, driven by a remarkable central performance from Oliver Masucci (Dark).

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Cannes Film Festival 2020

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Filmfest Hamburg 2020

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2020

NOMINATED: Best Foreign Film, Golden Eagle Awards Russia 2021

ďAn impulsive, provocative, and at times deeply troubling story brought to life with an impressively imaginative presentation.Ē
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