SFF21: GO YOUTH (ˇÁnimo Juventud!) 105 mins

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Thursday, 13 May

Stalwart Mexican director Carlos Armella celebrates being young with Go Youth!, a vibrant coming-of-age comedy that explores the dreams and fears of teenagers rebelling against the adult world. Inspired by life in Mexico City and Armella’s memories of his own adolescence, the film lovingly brings its four central characters to life.

Through each of these character studies, Armella peels back their masks and reveals their hidden, secret lives with heart and humour. There’s Martín, who suffers from unrequited love; Dulce, a tough girl with the exterior of a bully who fiercely hides a delicate soul; Pedro, who rejects society altogether and instead chooses to speak a language he has made up and that only he understands; and Daniel, who must face the reality of adult life when he discovers his teenage girlfriend is pregnant.

Fronted by a remarkable cast of newcomers, Go Youth! captures the electricity, euphoria and uncertainty of growing up. Armella proudly takes their side against the oppressive world of adults in this joyful yet sympathetic comedy for the young and young at heart.

“A jovial celebration of adolescence that uses authenticity and comedy to talk about the obstacles young people face in a society that refuses to listen.”
La Estatuilla