SFF21: OUT IN THE OPEN (Intemperie) 103 mins


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Thursday, 13 May

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Friday, 14 May

Adapted from Jesús Carrasco’s best-selling novel of the same name, Out in the Open transports us back to 1946 Andalucía, in one of the most acclaimed Spanish films of 2019.

An unnamed 12-year-old boy has escaped an intolerable situation and faces a journey through a country punished by drought and ruled by violence. Pursued by a vengeful, aggressive search party, the child is alone, frightened and desperate. But his luck begins to turn when he meets a goatherder (Luis Tosar, Crime Wave SFF19) who, against his better judgement, decides to take the boy under his wing - a decision that will change both their destinies.

Tentatively at first, each becomes receptive to the idea of having the other in their life, and the stakes of their relationship rapidly increases as the boy’s pursuers get increasingly closer.

The desolate world of Carrasco’s book is reimagined as a thrilling cinematic western, unflinching in its depiction of poverty and violence. The boy and the shepherd learn that together, there might be more to life than just surviving.