SFF21: THE MONEYCHANGER (Así habló el cambista) 97 mins


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Friday, 14 May

Humberto Brause (Daniel Hendler) is on the take – whenever he can, whoever he can. Slick and smart, aggressive to the point of vicious, we follow his ‘career’ across two decades of mid-20th century South America, where the political corruption and military control allowed shady characters such as Humberto to flourish.

In particular, he uses Uruguay’s instability to his advantage, trading foreign currency. His taste for the high life escalates when he is lured into a high stakes money laundering scheme that he finds impossible to resist. But Humberto has to discover the hard way that money can’t buy everything.

A classic rise-and-fall allegory told with confidence and swagger; The Moneychanger ultimately charts the dramatic plummet from prosperous go-getter to bullying crook. As the drama unfolds, the action escalates and we’re pushed to ask how far Humberto is willing to sink into crime and depravity, while taking his family with him.

This is a pull-no-punches exposé of male ego gone rogue.