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Trash Classics revives the spirit of the VHS bargain bin and DVD rental aisle onto the big screen with a cult movie favourite the last Friday of each month. Whether you are a raging fan or a curious newbie, these titles range from 'so bad it's good' to 'how did this get made?', providing over-the-top entertainment and a wild night at the flicks. When we say "trash", it's a term of love - these are great movies and big-screen favourites to share with an audience! Hosted by Tristan Fidler (from RTRFM's Movie Squad and The Room screenings).

Several words from our host: Tristan Fidler 
"Trash Classics started with the concept of introducing audiences to other movies like the smash hit bad movie classic, The Room. In 2019, we held screenings of other "so bad it's good" favourites like Troll 2 and Miami Connection. With each new program, these are movies that we love, returning to the golden age of the video store bargain bin and the first wave of DVDs, and bringing favourite cult movies to the big screen, the type you'd rent again and again. Celebrating the movies that are not critically acclaimed arthouse fare nor the usual titles you see brought out every year for 'retro' cinema seasons. 

Some of these movies you could watch at home on a streaming platform - but it cannot compare to the delightful sound of an audience applauding and cheering in a cinema! We also want to make sure each program has a variety of decades, genres and stars. For this round, we have over the top video game action, self-aware 1980s sci-fi horror cliches, a bright and bubbly classic comedy duo, melodrama from the Pope of Trash, a histrionic performance from one of our era's great thespians, and a 1970s camp cult horror musical classic. 

Finally, when we use the word "Trash", it comes from a place of love - these are great movies! And some of my all time favourites! This is more about honouring the fact that when it comes to cinema, what one person sees as trash is another person's treasure."