IFFA21: 3 PUFFS (3 Kam Habs) 95 mins

4149 IFFA21: 3 PUFFS

Screening Mon 24 May at:

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Monday, 24 May

Gripping, revealing and moving, 3 PUFFS shows drug addiction and the family unit in an unconventional way.

Mojtaba and Nasim are a young couple who just had a baby. They reside in the south of Tehran and live a seemingly happy life. Mojtaba sells disposable plastic dishes and Nasim makes dolls from home. After Mojtaba's accident, strange events begin to occur in their life and Nasim realises that her husband wasn't who she thought he was, rather a drug trafficker. To save her family, Nasim has to join the trafficking trade, which inescapably ruins their family unit. 

Screening with a short film TBC