REV21: WHITE NOISE 94 mins


Screening Sat 3 Jul - Sun 11 Jul at:

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Saturday, 3 July
Saturday, 10 July
Sunday, 11 July

The first documentary produced by The Atlantic magazine, White Noise is a sobering look at three alt right ‘influencers,’ as first-time feature documentary director Daniel Lombroso follows them during the early years of the Trump presidency.

Watching the three subjects - Lauren Southern, Richard Spencer, and Mike Cernovich - in both public and private makes for grim but necessary viewing.  

With extremists increasingly present on social media and even finding some supporters at the political fringes, White Noise is a timely documentary.

White Noise has a compelling message at its core, by daring viewers to see the worst of our society, and cautioning against the tendency to simply tuning it out.” – IndieWire

Winner Best Documentary Feature, Jacksonville Film Festival 2021

ďItís courageous filmmaking when you produce something so timely and critical to the greater good and actually do it from the belly of the beast.Ē
San Antonio Current