REV21: OH IT HERTZ 87 mins


Screening Fri 2 Jul - Sat 10 Jul at:

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Saturday, 3 July
Sunday, 4 July
Saturday, 10 July

Musician Laurie Amat takes a journey into the ways in which sound affects us. Her quest starts with the conspiracy theory that in 1939 the Nazis were able to change the global standard frequency of the A tone to 440 Hertz. 

Talking to experts in sound, sound artists and electronic composers, Laurie Amat begins to explore how sound can be used to heal, to transform emotions, and be used as a weapon, in a quest that is by turns fascinating, bizarre, and illuminating, Amat meets electronic musician Yoko Sen, deaf percussionist Evelyn Glennie and many others. 

Jensen’s documentary has drawn comparisons to the documentary works of Werner Herzog, 

“A good Herzog documentary combines the weird with the wondrous; the far-out with the philosophical; and the scientific with the sentimental. All these qualifications apply to Oh It Hertz! as well” (Business Dox Europe).

Short film The Best Orchestra in the World (14 minutes) to play before films starts.