REV21: OUT OF THE BLUE 93 mins


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Sunday, 4 July
Sunday, 11 July

Dennis Hopper’s Out of the Blue tells the story of rebellious teenager Cebe, brilliantly portrayed by Linda Manz (Days of Heaven, The Wanderers and Gummo) delivering a powerful performance. 

Cebe’s father Don (Dennis Hopper) is in jail following a truck crash, and Cebe is starting to run wild, meanwhile her waitress mother Kathy (Sharon Farrell) has her own dramas. Now Don is due for release from prison, but will his return to the family improve their situation?  

Out of the Blue is a powerful drama that packs a raw emotional punch. Critic Jonathan Rosenbaum included it in his list of the fifteen best films of the eighties, and it’s easy to see why. The whole cast give incredible performances, Hopper is at his unnerving best here, and his direction is flawless. In many ways the film bookends the decade that began with his Easy Rider (1969). 

Premiering at Cannes 1980, the film subsequently garnered a cult reputation, and re-watching it four decades later, it’s easy to see why. Now newly restored by Discovery Productions, Out of the Blue remains one of the most important films of its era, with the likes of Chloë Sevigny championing the restored film and Manz’s acting. 

Please note this title contains mature themes.

Short Film The Stranger [20 minutes] to play before film starts. 

ďThis film is a masterpieceĒ
Jack Nicholson
ďThe movie escalates so relentlessly toward its violent, nihilistic conclusion that when it comes, we believe it. This is a very good movie that simply got overlooked.Ē
Roger Ebert