REV21: COV GYSO 87 mins

4274 REV21: COV GYSO

Screening Wed 7 Jul at:

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Wednesday, 7 July

Don't get caught short, put Get Your Shorts On! in your calendar now! Join us for an exciting selection of short films in a nod to WA's talented emerging filmmakers - thanks to Screenwest, Lotterywest and the City of Vincent Film Project.

Wednesday 7 July 6.45pm
Some shorts are not suitable for people under 15

Pacing The Pool
2021 Documentary, 10 min
Director/Writer: Radheya Jegatheva, Producer/Writer: Jay Jay Jegathesan

Richard Pace starts each morning swimming laps in the pool a routine he has stuck to for the last 30 years.

The Walls
2021 Documentary, 10 min
Director/Writer: Brodie Rowlands, Producer: Sophia Vertannes

Dancers responding to the stories and architecture of homes and public spaces in the City of Vincent.

The World of Riley
2021 Documentary, 7 min
Director/Writer: Melle Branson, Producer: Maria Elena Amatulli

A love letter to community radio.

We Had Mail
2021 Documentary, 10 min
Director/Producer/Writer: Jennifer Jamieson

An ode to the humble and not so humble letterboxes found in the suburbs of the City of Vincent.

That's How It Goes (I S'pose) 
2021 Documentary 5 min
Director/Writer: Melle Branson
Producer: Maria Elena Amatulli, Sandbox 

Two legendary photographers dust off their cameras to continue a project they first started 45 years ago; a project that speaks to WA’s history… and its future.

Murder On The Dance Floor
2021 Documentary 5 min
Director: Louise Bertoncini, Producer: Dumi Mashinini

It’s 1925 and hundreds of people are dancing the foxtrot in Western Australia’s Government House, when BANG! A gun goes off.

In Australia
2020 Narrative 15 min
Director/Writer: Miley Tunnecliffe, Producer: Emilia Jolakoska

A desperate woman makes her escape from a violent marriage, only to find the outside world as dangerous as the one she just left.

2020 Narrative 13 min
Director: Jacqueline Pelczar, Producer: Cody Greenwood, Writer: Tina Fielding

A 30-something-year-old woman with Down Syndrome leaves her past behind, and runs away from a small country town, heading towards the city. 

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