REV21: THE BEACH 153 mins


Screening Sun 11 Jul at:

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Sunday, 11 July

A beautiful meditative work that finds director Warwick Thornton alone, living in a small beachside cabin. 

His time is spent fishing, cooking, walking, swimming and thinking. It offers an opportunity to experience country and reconnect with himself. 

 The isolated tin shack in Dampier, with no electricity and comparatively open to the elements, was Thornton’s home throughout the shoot, and as he focuses on his daily activities – sometimes pottering, sometimes focused – he talks about cooking, family, and life. 

There is no didactic narration, just an occasional comment, sometimes insightful, sometimes funny, sometimes moving, that punctuates the beauty and space of the country.

Originally commissioned and broadcast by NITV and now edited into feature length work, the landscape and score will offer an entirely new, evocative experience, on the big screen.