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Friday, 10 September

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Friday, 10 September

The Women’s Adventure Film Tour is a celebration of the inspiring women around us who are doing extraordinary things in the name of adventure. Screening one night only. Friday, September 10 at 6.45 pm during Women's Health Week at Luna Leederville & Luna on SX.

The WOMEN’S ADVENTURE FILM TOUR is back for its fifth season! This is Australia’s original women’s adventure film tour, created by Adventure Entertainment and presented as an official part of WOMEN’S HEALTH WEEK by Jean Hailes for Women’s Health. This short film festival is a celebration of the inspiring women around us who are doing extraordinary things in the name of adventure.

 Every year, our selection of unique films are carefully chosen to show women achieving their personally adventurous goals. Being adventurous doesn't always have to mean being the fastest, going the highest or doing the most extreme things. Adventure for most of us is just stepping outside of our comfort zones and climbing our own personal Mt Everest. The films showcase real stories about women from a variety of cultures and sports around the world. We aim for the festival to be enjoyed by women, children and men of all ages.

This year’s line-up features a diverse set of films with women of all ages including Australian Olympic champion Torah Bright, ultra trail running champion Lucy Bartholomew and many more including women in climbing, distance swimming and mountain biking.  The official WOMEN’S ADVENTURE FILM TOUR lineup includes 7 short films across 111 minutes.  

All ticket buyers will have the opportunity to enter an awesome prize draw from the Women’s Adventure Film Tour official partners including THERMOS and OSPREY.

The WOMEN’S ADVENTURE FILM TOUR is exempt from classification, but the films are suitable for the entire family and would obtain G/PG ratings.

Films include:


Runtime: 15 minutes |Progtagonist: Lucy Bartholomew | Dir: Bryan Hynes | Country: Australia

For Lucy Bartholomew, the world of ultra running began when she was just 15 years of age as a way to spend more time with her father. Lucy would then go on to become “The World Ultra - Junior Running Champion” winning races and podiums across the globe.

After a turbulent 2020, Lucy dreamt to do her longest ultra run yet. The gruelling 231km Larapinta Trail in Central Australia.  After meeting two creatives in early 2021 in South West Tasmania, Lucy decided it was time to run and capture one of Australia’s most iconic and physically demanding trails. 

A film about surrounding yourself with the right community, The only hurdles in front of us are ourselves, and Running Out can teach us something.


Runtime: Approx 16 minutes  | Protagonist: Lauren Tischendorf | Dir: Lauren Tischendorf & Adam Dostalek | Country: Australia

​​The winner of the Salomon and Suunto Film Grant Winner, Lauren Tischendorf shares a film about how she recently become the first woman to swim in a solo, single session, circumnavigating the 32 km's around Lord Howe Island facing countless sharks, two hours of currents, 25-knot winds, and 2.5-metre swell, just a swim. 

The film intends to inspire and to provide a heart-warming, thought-provoking film that helps encourage young girls and women to be bold and to work together and encourage them to step beyond their personal and societal boundaries. 


Runtime: 22 minutes | Country: Australia
Filmed, directed and produced: Mojo Stoke Productions - Nell Gow and Wendy Law
Protagonist: Members of the Mum's Gone Climbing Community:
Nell Gow, Jelena Shipton, Kayla Apostolidis, Jill Thomson, Grace Daff, Olga Kuznetsova, Aena Murray

Nell rediscovered climbing after five years and two babies. She soon realised climbing was an antidote for the challenges of motherhood and went on a mission to find other climbing mums. What she found was a group of amazing women. Each with their own story, struggles, fears… all had been empowered by climbing. 

Join the Mum’s Gone Climbing community as they adventure through stunning Australian landscapes. Infused with light-hearted stoke and dizzying heights, a story of adventure women facing challenges and redefining motherhood.


Runtime: 3 mins | Dir: Bronwyn Davies | Exec Prod: Mike Goldstein, Luc Doucet | Country: Canada

An anthemic celebration of the women you won't see on TV: the women who won’t go on to the Olympics or break any world records, but who enjoy being physically active in their own individual way. Because physically active girls are more likely to succeed. And people are more likely to follow in the footsteps of people who look like them. Featuring a range of ages, bodies and backgrounds, this film embodies a wide spectrum that is often unseen in sport.


Runtime: 43 minutes | Protagonist: Torah Bright | Dir: Caspar Mazzotti |Country: Antarctica, United States

Mountains tower above the plains and dominate the skyline. Critical to life – they fill our rivers, sway the weather, and provide sanctuary to incredibly diverse wildlife. They are as beautiful as they are dangerous – and for a brave few, they are the source of an incredible adventure.

Follow Olympian Torah Bright as she journeys through the world’s longest chain of mountain ranges extending from Antarctica all the way to Alaska. Along the journey, Torah will ride with backcountry legend Jeremy Jones and freeskiing superstar Sammy Carlson. Together, they will encounter penguins, polar bears, and other wildlife, and meet with scientists and environmentalists to uncover a deeper understanding of our mountain ecosystems.


Runtime: 4 mins | Director: Becky Gardner | Country: USA

Racing bikes can be competitive, but it's nothing compared to a fierce rivalry between siblings. Racing lasts a day, weekend or season at most, while sibling rivalry lasts a lifetime. Rivalry ensures that no matter how hard you push it or what you achieve, there's always somebody at the finish line with a scheme to one-up you and claim superiority. In a world of sibling rivalry, your time is never fast enough, nor will you ever air far enough. The goal is to remain friends at the end of the day, but even that isn’t a hard rule and exceptions are made when a win is on the line. Ryan and Becky Gardner are no strangers to some friendly competition, as their sibling rivalry pushes them to ride faster and achieve more both on and off the bike. No matter the sport or challenge, no one is safe when a full-on Gardner vs. Gardner competition unfolds. 


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