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It’s been seven long Wes-less years since the release of The Grand Budapest Hotel in 2014...we have been waiting in anticipation for some much-needed whimsy, charm and poetic aesthetics and now the wait is finally over! Luna Palace Cinemas is thrilled to announce that we are hosting not one, but four advance screenings of The French Dispatch at Luna Leederville, Luna on SX, the Windsor Cinema, and Luna Outdoor with French fancies from Martineaus! Get excited Luna Leederville is the FIRST cinema in Western Australia to screen The French Dispatch and to celebrate we have a whole swag of preview screening events to choose from to whet your Wes whistle:

About the film: 
Wes Anderson's dizzyingly intricate homage to 20th-Century newsmen and women. Anderson‘s American comedy-drama film which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival this year received one of the longest rounds of applause at the event’s 74th edition.

The French Dispatch is a love letter to journalists set in an outpost of an American magazine in a fictional 20th-century French city and brings to life a collection of stories published in The French Dispatch.

Written and directed by Wes Anderson, the film stars Benicio del Toro, Frances McDormand, Jeffrey Wright, Adrien Brody, Timothée Chalamet, Léa Seydoux, Tilda Swinton, Mathieu Amalric, Lyna Khoudri, Stephan Park, Owen Wilson, and Bill Murray.  

Critics are saying...
★★★★ “Wes Anderson’s ode to print journalism is a periodic delight. Amazing visuals, lots of laughs and an A-list cast – including Bill Murray – make Anderson’s tribute to the New Yorker a real treat.” Guardian

★★★★ “Wes Anderson Doubles Down on His Style in Endearing Journalism Salute.” Indie Wire

“…the unconventional project succeeds in delivering that very particular hodgepodge pleasure of reading a well-curated issue from cover to cover.” Variety

“Wes Anderson pens an extravagant love letter to the adventurous editors of sophisticated literary magazines like The New Yorker, and to the writers, humorists and illustrators nurtured up through their ranks, in The French Dispatch.” Hollywood Reporter

★★★★ “Wes Anderson sends up The New Yorker in superbly kooky style. In the director’s brilliant 10th feature, A-listers from Owen Wilson to Tilda Swinton play a group of odd writers with even odder obsessions.”   Daily Telegraph

★★★★ “Wes Anderson’s Whimsical New Masterwork is a Symphony of long as your heart is open, your ears attuned to the pace of the proceedings and eyes accustomed to this mode of staging, you’ll have a quite remarkable experience gorging on this gorgeous film.”  Slash Film

“The result is hugely impressive and awfully scattershot, a wry piece of art that is always entertaining but also so excruciatingly detailed…” The Wrap

“The French Dispatch Is a Richly Detailed Tribute to the Power of Storytelling” “Wes Anderson’s film is an often fascinating, wondrous exercise in complex narration and visual composition.”
Slant Magazine
“His (Wes Anderson) long-awaited portmanteau, which premiered in Cannes on Monday, is the most Anderson of all Anderson films.”