GFF22: Dear Thomas (LIEBER THOMAS) 150 mins

4902 GFF22: Dear Thomas

Screening Sat 4 Jun - Fri 17 Jun at:

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Australian premiere| Biography, Drama | Germany
The GDR is still young, but Thomas Brasch (rising star Albrecht Schuch, Berlin Alexanderplatz, Fabian: Going to the Dogs) is already an outsider. His father Horst (Jörg Schüttauf) wants to help build the new German state, but Thomas, his eldest son, would rather become a writer.

When the Soviet tanks roll through Prague in 1968, Thomas protests with other students in the streets of Berlin, but his own father betrays him to the Stasi, which lands him in prison.

Released on parole, he works hard and writes about love, revolt and death. With no prospect of being heard in East Germany, Thomas and the woman he loves (Jella Haase, The Perfect Secret, Berlin Alexanderplatz) depart the homeland that was not really theirs. In the West, he is acclaimed and his books become bestsellers, but he does not allow himself to get carried away.

A stylish monochromatic biopic with a freestyle flow from renowned filmmaker Andreas Kleinert, Dear Thomas is a vibrant love letter to writer Thomas Brasch.

“A fascinating portrait of an artist who is struggling, most of all, with himself.” Screen Daily

WINNER - Grand Prix for the Best Film, Grand Prize, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival 2021
NOMINEE – Best Film, German Film Critics Association Awards 2022
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Munich Film Festival 2021

German with English subtitles, English