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Screening Sun 29 May at:

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Sunday, 29 May

Luna Palace Cinemas invites you to join us from 5:30pm for an unmissable Movies With Mark Q+A advance screening of A Hero the latest feature from celebrated Iranian director Asghar Farhadi (A Separation) a tale of redemption, veneration and modern morality. 
Joining Mark for the screening of Asghar Farhadi’s Cannes-winning A HERO and Q & A are Iran-born cinephiles Majid Sarvi and Nahal Karbasi. Both have a passion for and deep knowledge of Farhadi’s films and Iran’s extraordinary post-revolutionary cinema. And flying in from Canberra, especially for the event is Adjunct Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Western Australia and one of the world’s foremost Iran specialists, Amin Saikal. Amongst Amin’s numerous publications Iran Rising: The Survival and Future of the Islamic Republic; Iran at the Crossroads and The Rise and Fall of the Shah: Iran from autocracy to religious rule.
When the credits roll, the discussion begins . . .

About the film
Rahim is in jail because he was unable to pay a debt. He secures a two-day leave of absence from prison, during which he hopes to convince his creditor to withdraw the complaint. But things don't go as planned. With A Hero, Farhadi returns to Iran and his native language Farsi, following his 2018 Spanish feature Everybody Knows. One of the few directors to have won two Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film, critics have praised Farhadi's ability to weave moral ambiguity into intimate and intense dramas and stories of official intransigence. With A Hero, starring actor Amir Jadidi (Zero Day) and actor-screenwriter-director Mohsen Tanabandeh (The Oath), Farhadi has added yet another exceptional title to his highly accomplished filmography.

Critics are saying...
★★★★★ "A superb morality play that immerses us deeply in a society's values and rituals and keeps us guessing right to its powerful final shot." Time Out

★★★★ "In Mr Farhadi's hands it's a deliciously ironic, exquisitely complex and mysteriously stirring tale of a man, his son and family, and the staining of multiple reputations by what seems, at the outset, to be a fairly minor lie." Wallstreet Journal

★★★★ "There's never just one central drama in an Asghar Farhadi film. The Iranian auteur finds ways to bring multiple storylines and culpability together." Toronto Star

"A truly compelling drama anchored by the remarkable central performance of Amir Jadidi as a man who is almost undone by one selfless gesture that goes viral." Screen International

"The brilliance of Jadidi’s performance isn’t in his soft likeability, but rather in the character’s performance of it; how Rahim leans into it, pushes against it, and tries to pull himself out from a tailspin of bad decisions even as he keeps making them worse"  IndieWire

“A demonstrative examination of the way our raising of heroes onto social media pedestals diminishes the messy, sometimes impenetrable truth of human lives.” Slant

WINNER - Grand Prix. Cannes Film Festival 2021
WINNER -  Best Achievement in Directing. Asia Pacific Screen Awards 2021

Persian language with English subtitles