REV22: 18 1/2 88 mins

  • REV22: 18 1/2
  • REV22: 18 1/2

Screening Fri 8 Jul - Sat 16 Jul at:

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Friday, 8 July
Saturday, 16 July

18 ½

Feature Narrative

2021/USA/88min. Directed by Dan Mirvish

It’s 1974 and a White House transcriber has a copy of missing 18 1/2 minutes of Nixon tapes, but what can she do with them and what secrets do they hold?

In 18 ½ Mirvish turns the missing spool, Watergate, the counter culture, and a whole lot more, into an absorbing, smart and funny alternative history.

A great cast delivers strong performances, the script crackles with energy, and Mirvish’s direction is perfect.

18 ½ has won awards for Best Director at the Manchester International Film Festival and Special Jury Award at the Rome International Film Festival, USA.

Essential viewing. 

Screening with the short film

A feverish lockdown dream.