REV22: NAVALNY 98 mins


Screening Fri 8 Jul - Wed 13 Jul at:

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Friday, 8 July
Wednesday, 13 July

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Sunday, 10 July


Feature Documentary

2022/USA/98min. Directed by Daniel Roher

Alexei Navalny – Russian opposition leader – was a frequent critic of corruption, but always believed himself to be safe…and then he was poisoned by Novichok on a flight from Siberia to Moscow.

With the pacing and power of a political thriller, Roher’s perfectly pitched documentary switches between fly-on-the-wall observation to in-depth interviews with the subject and those around him, creating a fascinating portrait of Navalny, producing a documentary that is exceptional and timely. 

Filmed in secret, this revealing and suspenseful documentary on Alexei Navalny – the Russian opposition leader poisoned with a nerve agent – won the Audience Award, Sundance 2022.

In August 2020, Navalny fell seriously ill on a flight to Moscow. Following an emergency landing in Siberia, he was taken to a local hospital before eventually being evacuated to Berlin where doctors confirmed he’d been poisoned with Novichok – a toxin implicated in attacks on other opponents of the Russian government. As he recuperates in Germany with his family, Navalny seeks to uncover the truth behind the plot to silence him, with the help of Bellingcat journalist Christo Grozev. Documentarian Daniel Roher films the charismatic and handsome Russian, by turns charming and forceful, as he uncovers shocking facts and exposes them to the world.

Don’t miss this unique and highly pertinent documentary.

"The comparison to a Hollywood plot is apt; one scene in which Navalny prank calls his would-be assassins and tricks one to reveal the details of the plot… left my jaw on the floor." the Guardian

Navalny has all the drama of a spy novel, more in fact."  Screen International

"Navalny successfully doubles as an espionage procedural and a portrait of one man’s war against an authoritarian regime. It balances a magazine-style profile and a probing independent inquiry into a brutal state-sanctioned assassination attempt."   Vanity Fair