REV22: PLANET X 59 mins


Screening Thu 7 Jul - Mon 11 Jul at:

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Thursday, 7 July
Monday, 11 July


Feature Narrative

2021/France/59min. Directed by Maxence Vassilyevitch

Radiation from the sun has forced people into shelters during the day, escaping certain death. 
But what is happening to humanity, and what possibilities are there in this strange post-apocalyptic world? 

In this space, a disparate band of individuals are thrust together to survive the heat of the day in claustrophobic bunkers where they must suffer each other’s anxieties, desires and growing fears in increasingly tense situations.

With character interplay that ratchets itself up with each passing scene, this low-budget marvel is everything you want to see in independent cinema. It’s a marvel actually and an outstanding example of how imagination can triumph over budget.

Beautifully shot, Planet X offers a hallucinatory-dream-like world, like After Blue (also screening at this year’s festival), science fiction is here defined through a stunning, luminescent aesthetic, a dreamlike reality where every molecule has transformed into something new.

Screening with the short film

FALSE AS A BEACH  and  BUNKER ( 2 shorts)
"FASAB - Ursula, Gertrude and Ruby, three emancipated young women, wile away the hours as a halcyon apocalypse brings the world to a close.

BUNKER - The year is 2057. For six years the extraterrestrial invaders have occupied our world. The harvest of humankind has begun. When they arrived, everything was lost. The people, the land the system ... gone. Those who survive, remain in hiding and live by one rule: avoid all contact."