REV22: SISSY 102 mins

  • REV22: SISSY
  • REV22: SISSY
  • REV22: SISSY

Screening Wed 13 Jul at:

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Wednesday, 13 July


Feature Narrative

2022/Australia/102min. Directed by Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes

Wellness and self-care influencer Cecilia runs into her former best friend Emma at the supermarket, rapidly reigniting their friendship.

And then Cecilia goes to Emma’s bachelorette weekend… where she meets her former school bully.

What follows is an astute, smart, and occasionally jaw-dropping, horror-thriller about remote locations, youthful transgressions, and influencers…

Writer/directors Hannah Barlow and Kane Senes’ movie sizzles with ideas and energy, and delivers both, while simultaneously energizing the genre in unexpected ways.

The cast – Aisha Dee, Lucy Barret, and co-director Hannah Barlow, as well as WA’s own Daniel Monks – all deliver, and Sissy is a testament to the homegrown horror movie.

Screening with the short film

Vince attempts to dispose of a dead body for the mob, but when he reluctantly enlists the help of his dim-witted brother-in-law Ted, things don’t go to plan.