REV22: WESTRALIA DAY 4: The pursuit of compassion  90 mins

  • REV22: WESTRALIA DAY 4: The pursuit of compassion 
  • REV22: WESTRALIA DAY 4: The pursuit of compassion 
  • REV22: WESTRALIA DAY 4: The pursuit of compassion 

Screening Sat 16 Jul at:

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Saturday, 16 July


A showcase of Western Australian-made screen productions

Session 4: The pursuit of compassion 

These local productions deconstruct and examine the human experience. What is it to love, to be truly alone, and is it possible to find a place that could finally make us happy? We explore how to reveal our identities through the evolving landscapes of relationships, influence, and adversity.

Who Are You Trying to Impress? 

Benjamin Taylor. Australia/9min/2021 

Through an exploration of his own childhood YouTube channel, a young filmmaker seeks to explore the unspoken collective conscious shared by those raised in the digital age.

Through Her Eyes 

Jason Haji-Ali. Australia/9min/2022

First Nations filmmaker Jason Haji-Ali who wrote, produced and directed this film explores his cultural identity as he reflects on his childhood, the toxicity of social media and conversation with his grandmother, Phyllis.

The Honeymoon Phase       

Stephanie Senior. Australia/8min/2022

A couple dance their way through the honeymoon phase of their relationship.


Dean William Butler & Robert Faulkner. Australia/3min/2022

All hell breaks loose when a mans girlfriend wants a share in his lunch instead of ordering her own.

Paper Route 

Harrison Mitchell. Australia/14min/2022

Paperboys, Matt and Dewey, race the clock to beat a delivery record, but their joyride ends in a problem that tests their friendship.


Giacomo Groppoli. Australia/11min/2021

Friendship, feathers and grief get tangled as a young woman learns to stand on one leg.



Karla Hart. Australia/10min/2021

A young indigenous girl learns of Tooly, the sign of an impending death in the family.


Never Alone 

Ben Matei. Australia/6min/2021

Balloon takes Creature on a journey through magical lands where Creature learns that life is precious and there is both beauty and hope to be found in small moments of joy.


Aaryn Bath. Australia/12min/2021

Two women wake up after a one-night stand to find things go hilariously wrong, when the morning after gets a little crowded.

Good Night 

David Vincent Smith. Australia/8min/2021

A busy sound engineer accepts a last-minute recording instead of heading home to his family and is deeply affected by the song he records.