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Sunday, 28 August

Luna Palace Cinemas invites you to join us on Sunday, 28 August, from 6:00pm for an unmissable Movies With Mark. As journalist and film critic Mark Naglazas hosts a screening of this year's smash-hit at the Revelation Film Festival, the homegrown cinematic treasure, Bassendream. After the 6:30pm film, join Mark and his special guests, Bassendream director Tim Barretto, producer Melanie Filler and executive producer/distributor Ian Hale, for a post-film panel. Bassendream has SOLD OUT across venues multiple times, so don't wait to buy tickets till it is too late. Come and experience this sensational film with the talents who brought it to life!

When the credits roll, the discussion begins...

A meandering and mischievous tale of youth, friendship and family.

It’s the last day of the summer school holidays in 1990’s Australia. Over 24 hours, a kaleidoscopic chronicle of an ordinary suburb unfolds. Captured on 16mm film with a unique tone and freewheeling rhythm, Bassendream revisits the tender interactions, eccentric escapades and extreme independence we remember growing up when the backyards were bigger and home was just a place to sleep. A raw, refreshing and playful look at the growing pains of youth before the internet had all the so-called answers.

A word from Mark Naglazas

I had the privilege of a pre-premiere look at Bassendream, the amusing and fascinating new drama-tinged comedy from first-time WA feature filmmaker Tim Barretto. Set in the 1990s in the working-class suburb whose name is delightfully mangled in the title; Bassendream is a series of loosely interconnected vignettes that capture the wildness and vitality of childhood during an earlier time, the trepidation of growing up, the sadness of adulthood, the fear that comes with aging and, ultimately, the sense of community that keeps all these emotions in balance.

Amongst the story's threads are a group of boys who take revenge on one of their brutish older brothers by using the parts of a discarded barbecue to make a bazooka; a separated father trying to spend quality time with his daughter; a mum desperate to find an outdoor toilet; and an older Mossie Park dame whose BMW breaks down in this dreaded corner of the Perth metropolitan area.

The film is based on Barretto's own experiences growing up unrestrained in Bassendean and will provide the shock of recognition for many of us who enjoyed similar freedoms in old Edenic Perth. Barretto has mentioned that Paul Thomas Anderson's Magnolia is a big influence on Bassendream, which you will pick up on in the surprisingly moving final section, in which the comedy melts away and the sense of sadness and despair rises up (the cutting between the various story strands also recalls Donnie Darko). Until this point, Barretto's very controlled and accomplished camerawork and clever cutting between the vignettes recall that other Anderson — Wes — as he keeps his camera at a slight distance from the small but significant adventures in the neighbourhood (the deadpan style also evokes Aki Kaurismaki). It is shot on 16mm and does wonders in producing the period.

Overall, it's a fascinating addition to the growing body of micro-budget work coming out of Perth at the moment (much of it under the wing of Ian Hale's HALO FILMS). You'll hear the names Bassendream and Tim Barretto a lot in the coming months.

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